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December/Winter 2014
WE ARE HAPPY TO ANNOUNCE A NEW CREATIVE PROJECT for 2015 from TIF.. .. affordable collectible..art...STICKERS! We invite and encourge you to JOIN and become a member of the TIForg Sticker Club ! click on this link to find out all the details!!


we will be releasing a new sticker, designed by a hand picked artist, each month in 2015.
Members get 3 of each design sent directly to them in the mail every month
Collectible, Affordable, Fun, Art for everyone!! Become a member, get cool stickers in the mail!

A early design has been done by Lob ..something to get the club moving..using the "Insta-God" logo design from Instagon. This version is colorized featuring digital paitings by Lob, both as the inside and background for the sticker. The sticker is die cut and limited to only 100 being printed. This limited INSTAGON sticker is only available thru the Sticker Club

appeared on the UB Radio Salon as guests of the hosts Big City Orchestra recently...2 hours of audio chaos and hijinx happened...with a special phone in appearance from long time Instagon collaborator Charles Ardinger. This sessio is availalbe for streaming and mp3 download .. click here

Instagon #666 is now available from TIForg recordings as a download or limited edition CD. Click on the image to order yours.It was recorded in October at Life Changing Ministry in Oakland,CA.. it has a great line up and is one of the most dynamic and diverse Instagon sessions released in a long time.. This one is NOT to be passed up.. we are quite proud of it.

Instagon's appearance at the 2014 Norcal Noisefest is also available online for streaming and download.. click here for that

September 2014
THE BIG CALIFORNIA NOISE COMPILATION is NOW AVAILABLE for download and streaming from the TIForg bandcamp page.

appeared on KVMR fm in Nevada City,CA recently, talking about the BIG CALIFORNA NOISE COMPILATION and Noise in California in general. Over an hour of the BCNC was played over the air. A captured stream is availalbe HERE

INSTAGON will appear at the 2014 Norcal Noisefest in Sacramento,CA over the weekend of October 3-5. - the nex show following that will be Instagon #666 in Oakland in late October. all details can be found a tthe Instagon webpage.

Spring/Summer 2014
2014 has been a relatively mellow year for TIForg so far.. but that is about to change as the summer comes and new projects are being released and planned.. all of this as Instagon appraches and prepares for its 666th show, which is being planned for OCTOBER. .stay tuned for details.. but first up...LOB HAS A NEW BAND!! The new band is called WIZARDS OV GARAGE JAZZ and they are playing their first show June 30 in Davis,CA. Watch for more news regarding this band and its direction in the coming months.. but the plan is sort of a cross between Instagon & Garage Jazz Archtiects (GJA has officially ended, if you did not know that) .....also currently on the workshop desk here at TIF is the BIG CALIFORNIA NOISE COMPILATION... this project looks to get contributions from AS MANY sound/noise artists as it can in the next few months to put together one HUGE representation of noise FROM California. This project is part of a large scale project called ONE NATION UNDER NOISE, where we are looking to generate free downloadable compilations from EVERY state...TIForg is involved with the organization of both of these projects
Lastly.. in the Spring.. we released the 3rd volume in the AUDIO ROADKILL series.. it contains exclusive material from ENDOMETRIUM CUNTPLOW, CHOPSTICK, MEDICINE CABITNET, & PCRV...plus photo art by Lob. A limited pressing of 20 CDs have been made of this release and are now available for purchase.. if you are interested follow this link: Audio Roadkill Volume 3.

Black Friday 2013:
REVENGE OF THEE NOISE:Punk Rock Covers Compilation

TIForg unleashes our new bandcamp.com page with a collection of 20 noise/experimental sound artists from 6 countries doing cover versions of thier favorite punk rock songs. Classic songs by bands like SEX PISTOLS, BLACK FLAG, THE DAMNED, T.S.O.L., THE DEAD BOYS, THE DESCENDENTS, THE EXPLOITED, ANGRY SAMOANS, and many others are given the treatment by sound artists like INSTAGON, PROFESSOR SONIC, MEDICINE CABINET, I.N.R.I., DOOMETTES, ONE INFINITE LOOP, PHOG MASHEEEN, MILE 97, and many others.! Now available for streaming and download.. and of course donations are always welcome. http://tiforg.bandcamp.com/album/revenge-of-thee-noise-punk-rock-covers-compilation-how-low-can-a-punk-get

after many months.. we have remodeled this webpage.. the results are nice and crisp...but we are still updating some data so bear with us as we continue to clean things up. - we have a new bandcamp page, a new facebook profile AND group page.. and many archival and new ideas on the horizon for the new year as TIF approaches becoming 21 years strong now.. thanks !! - Lob/ TIForg