Welcome to the Bassman's Studio.

What's New, Bassman?

I moved again.  I am always moving, it seems.

More Than You Really Wanted To Know!

What do I look like? Here is an old picture of me.  I am older now, and my hair has grown long. 

My name is really Erik Jaeger Weber. Well, my name is Bassman also. I guess it depends on who you ask.

Here's my former bands, Thee Ahmish and Sofa King (riverratblues.com was under construction, last I checked).

I live in Mission Viejo, CA, USA with my girlfriend, Katya.  Oscor, my cat, will sit forever under a nice bush.

I like to Paint Pictures of Naked Women. It's a fairly rewarding hobby, if you think about it. You can see my Naked Women Paintings at AAA Electra 99 Co-op Art Gallery, Museum, and House of Cruddy Coffee in Anaheim most likely as soon as I can pay all the back rent I owe 'em.

My Dad lives in Washington.

My Mom is a painter in Connecticut. She paints real good.

My Sister draws stuff for children's magazines. She draws real good.

Bin o'Poems, Paintings, and Drawings by me.

Poems: Art: Thanks for visiting. http://www.tif.org/bassman/