Jesus is a girl

Standing in line
unemployment time
water to wine
primordial slime
on my skin
sweating in
line I spin.

I'm comatose
without a dose
feel like a ghost
of a pot roast.

no, not loving
this hot oven
turn my eyes
like round french fries
in the guise
of camera lens
whose signal sends
picture shows 
of rerun joes
singing ...
"diamond in the back, sunroof top, digging the scene in a mean machine "
... of his own invention
the lady with a pension
demands attention
wants a lower number
so she can lumber
to the front of the line
turn water to wine
and she will sign
the bottom line.

You don't care
long black hair
grinning stare
nothing's fair
people they're
such a joke, Jesus!