with dave wright
the only man to ever use a car properly was francis picabia
im not going to get in between my analog is bigger than your digital arguments
i own a moog prodigy, an mc202, a jupiter6, a xtII, a paia fatman, a a100 modular
system, a sherman filter bank... why do you try to refrain in front of girls?
make mr.custom monster - a monster that will challenge the world?
"you suck because your analog stuff isnt OLD and authentic?"
yeah well your mom is DSP chip fucker and i bet motorola was involved some how....
what exactly are you doing? buying an analog house?
wtf does it need a hardrive and ram for? where is the gay bar stick blowing half shirt wearing
valley girl boy gone lost in the woods have? whats a girl to do? you want to smear
paste on my ass - why is it so?
You are the winning bidder on eBay auction #231608016
"Nancy Sinatra Playboy Magazine."
Please remit in the form of domestic check or money
order for $7.99 plus Shipping and Handling of $3.20
for $11.19 to:
cheese and leather will be provided
when xou are coming to germany?

 punish me and i will have
to stay home in march.

      - dave
dave wright
not breathing sound system

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