written by LOB

Who owns PAL? Erik Hoffman

How many employees, if any, does PAL have? zero

How many releases does PAL have? 18

What is the label goal?
To create packages that are as interesting as the music within.

What is the label motto? The stranger the better.

Who is on the PAL roster?
Including artists on the compilation CDs....Erik Hoffman, Spastic Colon, Nihil, Richard Ramirez, Lab Rat, Solid Eye, Crawl Unit, Bastard Noise, Fin, Speculum Fight, Blowhole, Crib, Black Leather Jesus, MSBR, Smell & Quim, Kazumoto Endo, Aube, Not Breathing, Pain Jerk, Decibel Orgy, Thirdorgan, The Haters, Masonna, a.m.k., Hands To, Gino Robair, Zipper Spy, Small Cruel Party, Con-Dom, Gen-Ken and Das Synthetische Mischgewebe.

What do you consider your best release?
The best package would be MSBR "Electrovegetarianism" 7". The best concept a.m.k. "Needle Hit the Groove" 12"/flexi. The best audibly might be the Fin 7" or the DSM CD.

What are some upcoming PAL releases?
There was an unfinished CD with tracks from Hands To, Kapotte Musiek, Aube and Spastic Colon that never made it out. There is still a slight possibility that it will be released some day.

How, when, & why did you start PAL?
I started simply as a joke. Jorge Martin (Spastic Colon/Sleestak) and I were doing this thing that we called "Cornloaf". The name refered to the amusing fact that corn isn't always digested properly in the human body. (Peanuts doing the same.) Cornloaf turned into "Spastic Colon" and I decided to put out a cassette release by Spastic Colon. Jokingly, in keeping with the theme, we came up with "Pinch A Loaf Productions". While waiting for enough good Spastic Colon material to be recorded I recorded my own tape along with some help from a four year old boy. This was the first release, 36 Grit. Shockingly, it sold and rather quickly. It paid for itself and I decided to continue since there was really no apparant finacial risk. The whole thing snowballed from there and 18 releases later I'm still amazed.

How did you finance your first release? Cash money.

What are the most satisfying/frustrating aspects to running an indie label?
Satisfying... customer feedback. Frustrating...DISTRIBUTION!!!!

What are some other labels you admire?
MSBR Records, Banned Productions, Self Abuse Records, Anomalous Records, XERXES Records, Stinky Horse Fuck, Sounds for Consciousness Rape (RIP), Armed and Loaded.

If you could release a new record from any band, what would it be?

In 10 years where will PAL be?
in peoples memeories and record collections

You'll know PAL has made it when...?
ha ha ha, that's funny.

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