Notes From Thee Editor.......

Welcome to the first issue of CAUTION On-Line Zine. My name is Lob from Thee Instagon Foundation.. and am glad you have taken the time to check out our zine.. CAUTION is something i would like to see grow into a vibrant and throbbing muscle of information and propoganda for the Noise and Experimental music scenes, but in no way are those exclusive.. we want CAUTION to search out and relay info on any and all types of audio happenings wherever they may be. I want to thank the writers who have made this first issue possible.. Mason Jones, John Eden, Steven Paige, Thee Ahmish.. and i want to totally thank Phish for letting me use her computer, and for helping with all of the scanning.. and i want to especially thank my sweetheart Muffin for bearing with me thru the time it took to create this zine with a text based browser (you read it right.. UNIX forever!!) (143 Muffin!)... so now that is all out of the way.. YOU, the reader is what this zine is about.. we wanna know what you are intrested in reading about.... we want to know what you think about CAUTION.. we want to hear from you with input and insight into this scene of such diverse and individual people.. plus we want reviews.. and stuff to review.. please send us tapes, cds, videos, mags, comix, whatever.. we will review it.. and with that simple spoken call to arms.. i will leave you to enjoy my latest endevor.. i again want to thank you for visiting.. next issue up in the early spring....hopefully by the Ides of March.. submission deadline March 1, 1999.. any quesions should be directed at me, at caution-editor@tif.org. May the force be with you.. have great day.. knock something over.. it'll make a fun noise..


Editor, CAUTION On LIne Zine for Audio Experimentalists
Director, Thee Instagon foundation

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