Notes From Thee Editor.......

AAARRRGGGGHHH!!!! this issue took way way too long to make happen.. all due to my moving 3 times last year.. and having lame car trouble.. and no time for anything besides work and more work.. but enough about me.. i want to hear more from YOU.. to make great issues happen.. i need great input.. i wanna really thank Murray Thomas, David Cotner, & Doc Monk for helping to make this issue come to life.. and MASON JONES for always coming thru with an awsome column.. we have a guest editorial this month from Dave Wright of NOT BREATHING.. and some great photos throughout the issue.. CAUTION MAGAZINE.. will probably continue on as of this point to happen at least 2, but maybe 3 times a year.. that is the most honest i can be with you all.. i love to get letters and respond to every one i do get.. if you have any ideas for articles, or reviews for submissions.. please send them.. we love more input.. thanks for your patience on the epic wait for this issue.. i hope you enjoy it.. this issue was built on a soundtrack of Nurse With Wound, Jay Wieser, Instagon, Bellatrix, the Who, Morphine, Solid Eye, and late night crickets in the backyard. Thanks to Muffin for putting up with me while i go crazy trying to make this thing...

editor, CAUTION on-line zine
3:23am, march 15, 2000 (the ides of march)
Official "everything i know is wrong" day (according to Doc Monk)

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