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Interviewed by LOB, via Email Dec. 1997
DWID for over 10 years has been involved with the hardcore punk/metal band known as INTEGRITY. In 1996/1997, he released the 1st release from his harsh electronic side project, PSYWARFARE, something he has created with members of LOCKWELD...at the time there was alot of harsh electronic type of stuff being release, but Psywarfare put out some of the more innovative stuff of the time...the packaging was a major part of the Psywarfare experience..blazing pictures of rotting flesh and Charles Manson, mixed with Process Church symbolism.
This Interview with Dwid was done over the internet during late December of 1997. It was originally done for Broadcast magazine, a publication of Thee Temple ov Psychic Youth, that never ever reached publication. So i figured i should at least run it here so that it gets printed someplace at last. We talked about magick and the Holy Terror Church of Final Judgement, Charles Manson, and live performance..

LOB: What is the Holy Terror Church of Final Judgement? and how long has it been around?
DWID: The Holy Terror church was formed by Jack Abernathy a few years ago. It is a reaction to the oncoming millennial reign. We help organize the fund raiser side of the church by releasing music that is accomodating to the beliefs of the church. The church is not designed to recruit or entice believers. We prefer that interested parties contact the church themselves. The Holy Terror church is also quite selective when responding to inquisitors mail. There is a welcomed blanket of secrecy within the church.
It is rather difficult to express what the church is about any form of media. The recent ALTERNATIVE PRESS (Feb. 1997) article was intentionally vague. It is not an interest of the church to become too publically acknowledged.

LOB: Who is Jack Abernathy? You refer to the Alternative Press article on The Process Church, so the Holy Terror Church IS an active part of the Process Church? Also you mentioned your fundraising.. that is thru releasing products and playing shows correct? Which do you like better recording or playing live? (as Psywarfare) And what are the funds raised used for?
DWID: No, the Holy Terror church has no direct affiliation with process. There are many elements of the process that I admire. Most of which would be in poor taste to comment on in an open forum such as your magazine. The fundraising is basically through the record sales. The funds are basically raised in order to manufacture future books. I have only performed once with PSYWARFARE. I can honestly say studio recording is definitely more interesting to me.

LOB: How old are you?
DWID: I am 26 years old.

LOB: How old were you when you first heard of The Process Church? and how would you say it has effected your life?
DWID: I first learned of the process, or rather of one of its products, in 1989 or 1990. It was a difficult journey to find even a shred of legitimate material on them. I am definitely not interested in the Christian side whatsoever. In all actuality the process had very little influence on my personal life. With most things I search for answers to elusive spiritual questions. And like most, I make very little progress.

LOB: What is your personal view on the practice of Magick?
DWID: Personally, what magical elements that exist within myself, normally tend to be quite disturbing. I am a bit reluctant to speak to openly about this subject. Since a child my nights have been tormented with nightmares. Some that come true, others that I fear are materializing. All I have ever truly embraced is horror, and whether I like it or not that is my inevitable fate. There are many other elements that are also involved with this curse/gift but as I said before I am rather reluctant to talk in great detail of these matters. Mainly because I have a feeling that I could be perceived as less than sane and I have had an adequate dose of institutional living for a lifetime, because of societies fears and taboos. My family attributed my unique traits to madness & I spent several months under severe observation.
I do not subscribe to their theory of insanity.

LOB: fair enough..then lets change the subject.. so far, in a few releases you have been involved with in the past year or so(Psywarfare, Integrity), there was an image resembling Charles Manson riding a flying fish of some sort... can you talk about what this drawing means?? And what are your thoughts on Manson??
DWID: Manson is Christ on twice, the second coming for the millenial reign. The symbol is significant to the HOLY TERROR church.

For more information on the Holy Terror Church of the Final Judgement go to www.holyterror.com

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