C A U T I O N .2: CAPTURED BY ROBOTS interviewed by Lob, Spring.1999

C A P T U R E D   BY   
Interviewed by Lob
via Email in the Spring of 1999

LOB: When did Captured by Robots first perform?
JBOT: CBR first performed at a festival called the Whole Earth festival in Davis, CA in 1997. The Robots had joined with a circus called Circus X. They did that so they could put me on display like some sort of monkey freak. The festival is sort of a hippie family fun day. It was weird.

LOB: How Many people were there?
JBOT: We played 5 shows over the weekend and there were probably over 100 people at every show.

LOB: What kind of reaction was there to the performance?
JBOT: People really seemed to like seeing the bots kick my ass so hard. GTRBOT666 said that I was a real 'circus freak'. God , I hate him.

LOB: How many performances have you done?
JBOT: We have played over 100 shows since my capture. All over the US.

LOB: where was the worse? why?
JBOT: The worst show was in Sacramento, I had gone the tour alone, And the days before We spent playing at a GEEKFEST in Northern CALI. Sun , fun, punk, robots, all was well. Until I got 3rd degree burns on my legs from not putting on enough sunscreen. Well, I got to Sac, and my legs were dying. So I called home only to find that my girlfriend had been hit by a renagade car door while riding her bike. So no one knew about the show, there was no PA at first, and my feet were swollen. Needless to say, it was the robots favorite show.

LOB: Where was the best? Why?
JBOT: Probably in SF CA at the Bottom of the hill. We played with SERVOTRON. Sold out show, last show of the tour, and the bots played very well.

LOB: How long did it take to build the robots?
JBOT: It took about 1 whole year to build GTRBOT666 and DRMBOT0110 and the MFB(mutha fucka board)

LOB: What kind of equipment makes up your chest piece??
JBOT: There is a new addition to the chest plate. A Casio CZ101! And a new 3 string bass makes it kick ass.

LOB: how many songs do you and the bots have?
JBOT: For a long while, the robots made me play songs about anything I wanted (as long as it humiliated me). Now they've gotten a bit more lienient. I play aprox 13 songs now. I've been experiencing many situations where I have found insight into the stupidity of myself, so the songs they are a flowing...

LOB: is each show different, or do you basicly do the same set every gig?
JBOT: Each show is very different. The only common bond that always happens is the intro. People who have never seen us play before need to understand what it is all about. I try also to change the song order and content, as per mine and the bots mood.

LOB: What do you think of Survival Research Labs and thier performances?
JBOT: I have only seen video. They seem pretty cool for me. The Bots do not like SRL at all. They think that they are a "bunch of pussies". I think it's because SRL uses robots to kill other robots sometimes. GTRBOT666 said that if the SRL robots actually killed people, it would be much more enjoyable.

LOB: What do you think of Star Trek:The Next Generation?
JBOT: By far my favorite show.

LOB: What do you think?
JBOT: I think that I'm in a world of shit, and I don't have a pooper scooper.

LOB: Do you have any vision as to where you want to go with CBR?
JBOT: Well, now the bots are looking for a label. We just got our first CD out and they want people to know whats what. After that , I would imagine that the cycle of abuse,degredation, and humilitation will continue in force thru many touring dates.

LOB: Why does the Ape have no name?
JBOT: When one has purity of thought such as "The Ape Who Has No Name", one needs not a simple name. Does GOD have a name? Does the holy ghost have a name?

LOB: I have heard that you used to play in a ska band, is that true?
JBOT: Yeah, that's the truth, Ruth. I played for years in a midwest band called BlueMeanies, and I played with SKANKIN' PICKLE for a year('til their timely demise).

LOB: When you are not being forced into serving the bots, what sort of sounds do you like to listen to? are you into any experimental musics?
JBOT: For me, I like any music that is good. I do not let styles get in my way.

LOB: How can people find out more about CBR?
JBOT: My human peers can reach me and the bots at capturedbyrobots@yahoo.com or see our baby web page at http://www.capturedbyrobots.com or send us a self addressed stamped envelope,to Captured! BY Robots,PO225312,San Francisco,CA,94122-5312. People will recieve merch info, and were soon to have a fan club you can join.

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