Detector Records recording artist:

interviewed by Lob
in Wilmington, CA, December 1998

DOG is a noise unit duo currently living in the Antelope Valley/Palmdale area of Southern California.. DOG consists of Steve Davis and his wife Lois. They have recnely moved to So Cal from Boston, MA where they used to live and previously recorded and released a CD for Detector Records.. Thier style includes heavy layers of feedback, screaming and yelling, and lots of beating and thrashing on their equipment..sometimes even to the point of taking a baseball bat to a deserving guitar.. I got to see DOG recently, Steve was in great form, but [photo of DOG Live by Lob] was without Lois.. he had a friend named Bobby take her place and we were treated to what currently is a sorta rare occurance, a show from DOG.. after the thrashing and the cleaning up of the evenings shrapnel.. I talked to Steve for a few minutes about himself, DOG, California, Boston, Noise, Slayer, Detector Records, and a few other things..

L: So how long has DOG been together?
S: About 6 years.. there have been several incarnations, but basicly six years.

L: and in that time, how many releases have you done?
S: We have released 2 7"ep's and a cd, and a bunch of tapes and compilation tracks, the last thing we've done was on RRR records, for the "RRR 500" compilation LP..and it was about a 3 second cut.

L: I have that record.. 500 locked grooves on an LP.. it's obnoxious..
S: It is obnoxious (LOL)

L: So you have been in California how long now?
S: Just a little over a year..

L: So, what are the biggest differences, for you, between the east and west coasts?
S: There is less snow here, and more Meth labs here. There are definatly more Meth labs in the Antelope Valley than there were in Boston..(laughs).. I dunno.. people are more laid back.. I like it here.

L: You were complaining to me earlier about a lack of shows. Did you guys play alot of shows in Boston?
S: Well.. now that I think of it... we used to sorta have an "in" at this one club out there.. that we would play 2 or 3 times a year..but out here it has been tough.. and well, we are limited too by having a kid.. and that makes it tough..we cant just play anywhere on any night.. we have to sorta think about it...and ya know, getting a babysitter can be hard sometimes...

L: Is there a message behind DOG? a theory..? a motivation...?
S: No, just to have fun. It's fun to deconstruct everything, ya know? and I just have fun.. we have been really lucky to have hooked up with Detector Records and Daniel..

L: yeah, Daniel is a swell guy.
S: Yes he is .. we are talking right now about putting out something from my new project, with my friend Bobby, called "Precious Assholes"...it is gonna be a collaborative effort.. I mean we have to pay for it.. but he is gonna let it be released on his label...and we are still talking about him releasing a split DOG record with INSTAGON.

L: I like that idea obviously.. so what is the Precious Assholes about?
S: It is more of a punk thing i am doing.. not as much pure noise.

L: So, do you like any other noise artist's work these days?
S: I dont really listen to alot of noise stuff really..but I mean I like Massonna..

L: Well that is understandable.. Massonna is king!
S: yeah.. I dunno who else I like.. I have some CD's that I got recently from "TO LIVE AND SHAVE IN L.A.", and one of thier side projects "MISS HIGH HEELS"..my friend gave them to me to review for a magazine.. and they are awsome...and "The STRANGULATED BEATOFFS"..I like them.. This guy just gave me this stuff to review for his magazine, and that was the BEST stuff.. it was good.. but I like everything, ya know... Vanessa Williams... Slayer... (laughs)

L: I like Slayer alot..
Bobby: Hey Slayer kicks ass
L: yeah.. Slayer rules..

L: So what have you got coming up.. any plans..?
S: Well, we are trying to put on a show up in the Antelope Valley.. a benefit for a homeless shelter up there. At the moment we are just trying to find a venue.. I talked to the Antelope Valley College today.. and they not really into it.. they wanted all this money.. like a Million Dollar insurance policy and stuff like that.. and they want it all up front.. So we will probably do it somewhere else.. maybe just outside someplace.. but it wont be until the spring probably..

L: Are you ever gonna go back to Boston?
S: Well I have family there so I might visit.. but I'll never move back..
Bobby: He has me here, so he is stayin' (grins)
S: yeah, I am leaving Lois and marrying Bobby..
L: Ahhh... (laughs)
S: Actually WE'RE marrying Bobby, it's one of those Rosanne things.
L: Ahhh, I see how it is..
Bobby: That is so rad.. thier like my mom and dad (lots of laughs)
L: (laughing) ..that is just crazy.. and more than I wanna know. Thanks for taking the time to talk for a few minutes..
S: no problem.. thank you..

DOG can be reached for booking or more info at www.loveearthmusic.com
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