C A U T I O N .2: NOT BREATHING interviewed by Lob, Spring.1999 C A U T I O N

Interviewed by Lob
via Email in the Spring of 1999

not breathing is an electronix experimental project that is headed by the wizard DAVE WRIGHT. Sometimes not breathing appears as only Wright, sometimes there are others involved. Having recorded for Visible Records, and then for Invisible Records, and more recently for Ant-Zen in Germany, & completing a US tour opening up for Einstuzende Neubauten, not breathing is becomeing fairly well accepted in the American electronix scene.... i asked Dave about not breathing's beginings and what he is in it for.. i got some good answers.. enjoy -/\-

LOB: How long has Not Breathing been "together"? Was there any other project the came before NB, and sorta grew into it?? Or was this the intial project?
DAVE: not breathing has been a working name for a music project since late 92 / early 93. at this point it was just me working with a sampler and some effects and a lame radioshack multitrack - with bruce brindamour doing didgeridoo and tapes n what not. before not breathing i had a few projects - a techno project called Microdot which ended up being a live gig to 2000 people at a rave called Liquid Rave in phoenix on my 18th birthday! also before that i worked with a friend named hans on very lame goth/industrial wana be stuff. we we're young :( or at least i was....

LOB: Are there any recordings of 'Microdot' or of yer early goth/industrial wanna be stuff that have survived? will anyone ever hear them?
DAVE: i think i may have a song or 2 of microdot stuff on old mix tapes n shit from when i was alot younger... i'm not sure though. i do have a 90min tape of that shitty shitty gothindustrial thing which is really really funny if i let you hear it...

LOB: i would like to hear Microdot sometime.. so, that is the past, what about the future... what are your goals for Not Breathing and your self as a musician?
DAVE: the future- i feel very weird about the name 'not breathing' now that it's signed to a label.. i feel like NB has to sound a certain way for it to fit in it's tracks... so i'd like to be able to put out 12"s under differnt aliases doing house, techno and noize musics... but being undercontract it's hard to do... I JUST WANT TO TOUR AND MAKE PEOPLE DANCE IS THAT SO WRONG?

LOB: How did you come up with the name Not Breathing?
DAVE: drugs... bad mood swings... late night walk on to a park where gay men masturbate in the trees.... then it came to me...

LOB: was there ever any other names that you "almost" went with?
DAVE: Sleep Apnea was the origonal but it's too artsy sounding... but thats what not breathing is based on. not breathing when your sleeping...

LOB: what do you mean, not breathing when your sleeping?
DAVE: sleep apnea is when you stop breathing while your asleep. it's a disorder.

LOB: you say that you feel "like NB has to sound a certain way for it to fit in it's tracks.." what do you mean by this? can you describe what this sound is or means to you? and why is it so limiting do you think?
DAVE: no i cant explain it. but if you we're to get a compilation i'm on, with alot of diff bands and then had to guess which track was mine. you could guess pretty easy i'd say. limiting to my work is record contracts.

LOB: you are not happy with some of your past deals??
DAVE: i'd rather not coment on this one right now!

LOB: Do you feel that dance music is a postive force and energy? what goes thru your mind when you are making hundreds of bodies move to your groove?
DAVE: Most definetly - i highly enjoy playing tekno to ravers. even though i dont like ravers usually - they dance to anything. and that is a good rush to run. noize crowds are boring the most boring people to play with but hey i think they are special people.

LOB: where are the best and worst crowds you have played for?
DAVE: well you know... i've played close to 200 shows. so there are alot of good and alot of bad shows. the best ones are allways in Seattle, LA or Chicago... i've found. the worst ones are are usually in Portland, Memphis or Tucson! :) yay! opening for Neubatuen in LA to a few thousand people was great. we did a Crash Worship/NB gig here in tucson once at a giant rave. CW bombed no one liked them. but since we we're doing half what beats... the raver kids went insane... blasting harshn oize and beats to them... watching their glow sticks hovering in the dark (1000 ravers)... really just made me feel very good! i'd have to say the worst show ever was on my 18th bday under the alias Microdot at a rave in phoenix az. it was pathetic.

LOB: So you and your masterboard, OSCAR, are at the core of NB.. what is OSCAR?
DAVE: OSCAR IS DEAD. actually Oscar was my beast for many years... i have recently gotten new gear and new SKB racks for touring. the Oscar was very dangerous, would ruin upholstry, club's carpet, cars interiors, cut open poeple's skin, make people trip, etc.. it was horrible. it was a rack (THAT BRUCE BRINDAMOUR CUT WITH A WOOD SAW - WE'RE TLAKING METAL PIPES HERE). it contained a emaxII sampler, a mc50 sequencer, a jupiter6 synth, an se50 effects module and 2 emu sound modules. all kinda welded and wraped with duct tape and electrical tape. it had candles in it which got wax all over it. it really sucked but was kind of a stage show of it's own. i'm not using the SKB racks which make everything alot easier. i cant tell you about my new gear. but i have some really fancy stuff you've never heard of.

LOB: so..what are your feelings regarding your interaction with thee Instagon Foundation??
DAVE: Inspiration. i love you lob and your gang and am honored to have been involved anyway. if you check the NB web page - in the live section you will find a Instagon sub menu! i look forward to doign more work - and am really excited that i was involved with the No Structure releases. allthough i still have scar on my finger when i played guitar for Instagon in Phoenix AZ at the metropophobia.... i got blood everywhere.

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