Feb. 2005
PORTLAND,OR. - Local noise project NOTHINGISTRUE was in the news recently when project founder KYLE was arrested for calling in a bomb threat to a local airport. NOTHINGISTRUE it seems but the long arm of the law. Local friends and peers were noted as saying, "Good Night sweet prince.." . Whatever the hell that is supposed to mean.

SACRAMENTO,CA - Staff and Planning committee have already begun meetings for the scheduling of this years SACRAMENTO NOR CAL NOISE & EXPERIMENTAL MUSIC FESTIVAL. This year will mark the 10 year anniversary of the Noise Fest (NF) and insiders are looking to make it be "The Best Noise Fest Ever" . Already 14 of the 28 acts scheduled for NF05 have been confirmed and include INSTAGON, KLOWD, & UBERKUNST.. (the only 3 acts to have played EVERY NF so far) . Also confirmed are SF artists STIMBOX, & XOME, from Chicago VERTONEN, and OSCILLATING INNARDS from Redlands. More confirmations comings soon.. CAUTION is your OFFICIAL zine of NFO5.

SACRAMENTO, CA - after 4 years of nothing CAUTION online zine for noise and experimental music has come back to life.