TITLE/format: Automatic Writing CD
LABEL: Lovely Music, Ltd., 10 Beach St., New York, NY 10013


I bought this disc due to reading someplace that Nurse With Wound were very inspired by these recordings.. and upon listening to this release, I can hear it's influence totally. The title track is a composistion made up of recordings, from 1979, of mild fits "Tourettes Syndrome" .. it is a very haunting and lengthy piece.. it is not something to hear, definatly more of something that takes real listening.. but if you listen.. and find yourself trapped in the light chilling lofty flow of the organ that grinds along to this lapse into sound confusion..you will to taken away to a simple and odd state of non-thought..and drifting. The second and third pieces are pieces of an opera composed in 1966 by Ashley to comment on the deaths of 2 women in his life at the time. The first of the 2 is a dialoge done by a woman describing violent images and suggesting she was raped..with a chime being played continuously through her speech and occassionally being emphisized by a sound that sounds like the roar of a sea lion, or a wooden table being dragged on tiles. This piece is very mesmerizing and is visual invoking. Quite amazing for being recorded in 1968! The last track on this disc is the shortest and the oldest of the 3.. a very minimal piece with the repeating of the title "She Was a Visitor" throughout the entire duration..with very sweet white noise for a backdrop.. this piece was done in 1967.. the white noise sounds like it could be a field recording from someplace where there is an electric generator or maybe a moving body of water, as there occasionally appears what sounds like birds chirping in mix. The most amazing thing that happened to me regarding this track is while listening to it I, by chance, coughed..and the pressure on my ears at the moment of coughing changed the ricitation to sound like "She Was a Predator"...I stopped and rewound the track to see if maybe the one time, the ritual repatition was changed..but it was not.. it was an audio hallucination.. I was moved..