ARTIST: Endura
TITLE / format : Great God Pan - CD
LABEL: Elfenblut Recordings, PO Box 9, Hadleigh, Suffolk IP7 5AU - UK

John Eden

3 years in the making , this is Endura doing what they do best. The labels trip off the tongue - gothic, pagan, darkwave, sinister... before the teeth sink in - a painful reminder that all categories are extremely dubious. It's amazing how many groups do this sort of thing really badly. Endura manage to be bleakly percussive and classical without sounding cheesy. The vocals aren't intrusive or overly pretentious (though you have to worry about titles like "The sperm of metals", eh?) - the whole CD is more about restraint and suggestion than in-your-face show and tell. Which is fine, but surely Pan suggests a little more bestial lust and humour? Either way, Endura have a great future making soundtracks for horror films where the monsters triumph.