TITLE / format : s/t / promo CD (no art)
LABEL: Vermiform Records / PO Box 12065 / Richmond, VA 23241


well who ever this is, is really twisted.. this CD would be classified as a "quirky/wierd" type of experimental music. It is all over the place.. there is a very large presence of old analogs..and some really basic drum machines.. imagine the Boredoms, with primative equipment, with a political message.. oh yeah, i forgot to mention that huh? This CD has ALOT of political views on it .. a little too much ranting and preaching for my tastes, but hey.. i am not a political prisoner of my own paranoias like some people... near the end of this disc of 74 mins (yep, they filled it up..) instead of the spoken word rants thru distortion, they switch to some sampling and attack in a very Negativeland type of fashion.. well at least what Negativeland USED to sound like anyways.. i guess we could call that "Classic Negativeland" sounding?? For what it is worth this disc is filled with alot of screeching and twisted quirky noises.. my favorite was the track was the one done with the digital phone tones and an answering machine for source material.