TITLE / format : Cyber-Sadism Live! - CD
LABEL: Sabotage Editions

John Eden

An hour of Stewart Home live readings and audio ephemera. Good stuff too, the readings are from four different live performances and capture Stewart's live feel pretty well. It always impresses me immensely that he does his readings from memory, rather than from notes. This is especially gratifying during the longer pieces like the classic A Fiery Flying Roll piece from Defiant Pose, which is included here. The piece superimposes a narrative that reveals the history and psychogeography of central London onto an account of a riot that destroys it, alongside a third text which describes an anarchist being given head whilst travelling down the thames in a boat, reciting Abiezer Coppe's rant.
Other readings include Home's scatalogical Teutonic Order of Buddhist Youth from Red London, his story about the Australian Whitehouse (a tribute band) and several off-the-cuff exchanges with audiences of variable hostility.
The "Cyber Recordings" are an interesting collection of Neoist archive stuff, documents from Home's feuds ("The True Blue Confessions of Larry O'Hara, Spookbuster!") and a coversation with Jimmy Cauty of the K Foundation. More care and attention has been put into this than your average spoken word CD. Buy it and hear why Stewart Home is so reviled by reactionaries everywhere!