TITLE / format : Blueprint Theories / CD
LABEL: Vinyl Communications Po Box 8623, Chula Vista, CA 91912


This newest assult from Lockweld comes on and bursts into your ears like a raging locomotive...a harsh driving pounding torrent of electronics and samples begins this 5 track, 38 minute, release from this Ohio trio. Consisting of Makita (from the punk band Apartment 213), his wife Karen, and thier comrade Dwid (former vox for the band Integrity)..Lockweld go to new places in this release (which i beileve is thier 3rd CD, thier 2nd for Vinyl Communications) starting out in the torrent described above, the disc soon relaxes in to a wash of noise, and adds in digitally affected and distorted vocals ranting words and views of a deep and disturbing apocalyptic nature.. and then at the end of this disc comes the surprize appearance of BEATS.. harsh beats, beautifully dropped techno digital hardcore beats, touching the edge of gabber-land.. but still staying erratic enough not to bore you.. This is a very well laid out release, not too long, and filled with gooey sonics to make your ears water and your mind listen..