TITLE / format : Sunspot Activity / CD
LABEL: Soleilmoon Recordings , P.O.Box 83296, Portland,OR usa

John Eden

Minimalist tinkliness and the odd gleeful screech on top. Yo! It's not stated whether the music is inspired by Sunspot emissions, or whether the frequenices appear in the tracks as with AAA delegate and ex-beauty queen Fiorella's work. Either way it's one in the eye for pagan crooners who strum away about blood and the sun and all that mystical bollocks. This music does strange things to your head - it's as much about the spaces as the noises, recalling a lot of the "eastern" zen/taoist influenced musics. It me go a bit spinny, anyhow. There are some great tonal variations here, and I would throughly recommend this to any aspiting autonomous astronauts as part of their training. The noccies do it again!