[cover art]ARTIST: RX (Ogre/Atkins)
TITLE / format : Bedside Toxicology - CD
LABEL: Invisible Records


This is the new project from Ogre and Martin Atkins of Skinny Puppy fame. In some ways it sounds a lot like Skinny. The interlaced industrial drums are still there, the robot-in-pain vocal stylings, and the rather disturbed subject matter. What's different are the timbres...the gothic string pads, Slayer-esque guitars, and Charles Manson/horror movie vocal samples are history. More suprisingly, the distortion is mostly gone from the vocals. The album opens with Ogre on unamplified guitar, covering Syd Barrett! If that intrigues you, you'll like this album. Skinny Puppy got thinner. Rating (1-10): 7