TITLE / format : Second Sight / CD
LABEL: Shanachie Records


This is a really fun disc. This band consists of Grateful Dead family members Vince Welnick and Bob Bralove, along with legendary Bay Area guitarist Henry Kaiser, and a collection of some other hot Bay area players..(including guest appearances by the Dead's Bob Weir and the late Jerry Garcia) It's 11 tracks of mostly pure instrumental musical exploration, touching only for moments on the blues, this disc is mostly jazz based interplay between the talent involved with the band, being truly jazz influenced and very psychedelic based as well.. The musical interaction within this ensamble reminds me alot of GONG or AMON DUUL or even the musical noodlings of PHISH but with that family feel that only seems to exsist in Bay Area bands.. if you have any friends that are Deadheads, turn them onto this.. if you are afraid of anything remotely GD, take a deep breath and try to ease into this one.. it is sweet spacey sticky stoney psychedelic rock.