TITLE / format : Endless Renovation / CD
WEBSITE: www.subarachnoid.com
LABEL: 1998 Release Entertainment


this is SAS's 4th full length release.. their 2nd for thier current label Release.. Mason Jones (Trance, Charnel Music) and his crew of audio astronauts are on a mission to take your ears and throw them into the deepest rhelms of cosmic space that a mind can wander into.. and they seem to have such fun doing it.. This disc of 6 tracks is different from their previous discs, as it is not soley a live recording.. it uses live recordings as the bottom layer, but adds an array of string sounds, horns, and other samples to cause the needed and desired effects.. i would compare this disc to some of the grooves found in early 70's GONG, or CAN.. or maybe wordless HAWKWIND... Definatly a must for fans of pure psychedelic space rock.