TITLE / format : Straphangers Ball / CD
LABEL: Artichoke/Rollin Records/Haltapes


This is a long comes in a simple package of 2 photocopied pieces, a front and a and white art.. in a Ziplock sandwich baggie. This is a live documentation of a 6 person ensamble containing people like Hal McGee on his trusty synthezier, and Edward Rollin playing over 10 different instruments (most of them wind instruments).. the disc when it first started reminded me of stuff i have heard from The Third Ear Band..and then it moved away from the simplisitic minstral-esque melodies and began dropping in sound samples.. and rhythmic drones.. reminding me easily of stuff by Nurse With Wound. Other parts of this disc features vocal works by Rollin and Bruce Waid that reminded me if some of the experimental vocal stuff by Mr. Bungle/Faith No More mouthpiece Mike Patton. I really like the overall dynamics of this release.. as it does tend to get droney at times.. but just as you've had enough and are reaching to switch to the next track.. the change in the musical soundscape happens and you are kept.. listening.