TITLE / format : TA'Wil - CD
LABEL: Charnel Music, PO Box 170277, San Francisco, CA 94117-0277, USA

John Eden

Monumental dark classical stuff from the same label as Crash Worship. Where Endura evoke caves and dungeons, COTA hail from wide open spaces - more manic and howling, but still lit by the moon. There are 6 pieces here, the space on the CD allowing each to really get going and raise an atmosphere. The percussion is biting and syncopated and the accompanying drones are exquisitely beautiful and rich. This is one I've gone back to again and again. There's a limited version of this that comes in an impressive but definitely not vegan-friendly stitched cow-hide pouch. (From a found cow corpse, rather than a slaughtered one, they stress).