TITLE / format : Spine and Sensory - CD
LABEL: Makoto Recordings


this disc is sweet.. it starts out on a really energetic, almost poppy guitar riff, sorta sounding like maybe an upbeat song from The Smiths or maybe the Dave Matthews Band.. and then, just when you think its gonna be ruined by some whinning singer complaining about thier love life.. it continues.. no singer.. no vocals at all..in fact the poppy guitar riff becomes sorta jazzy..and then they start to groove on it.. with some serious heavy groove.. like Pink Floyd meets Stereolab.. really really sweet and soothing.. great music to just relax to. The whole disc continues to trip its way thru a fine cosmic embryonic aural experience.. Heavy Pink Floyd influence is ever apparent.. I am told this band is from San Diego. If you get a chance to see them, we would love a review for this zine.