TITLE / format : Eternity's Beautiful Frontispiece - CD
LABEL: VHF, P.O Box 7365 Fairfax Station, VA 22039

Ron K.

Here's where I lose all objectivity. As for as I'm concerned, Matthew Bower (the main man in Total and the late, very-lamented Skullflower) is THE absolute master of experimental/sound/noise/what-have-you, and there's no way I'm gonna budge from that. Everything he has ever done just oozes this otherworldly intensity that makes you glad that such people exist who can make this usually crappy miserable piece of matter were stuck on partially bearable. Enough gushing…this CD (one of the many Total releases but let me tell you, they're all worth having) is quite varied, having some traces of Eastern music but for the most part sounding like nothing else except Total. Always low-fi to the hilt, Total proves once again that you don't need 1000 dollars worth of MIDI shit to create incredible sounds. One song title on this CD says it all- "Nodding Out". This stuff will put you in another zone…..