TITLE / format : In The Fishtank - CD
LABEL: Konkurrent/Touch & Go Records, Po Box 25520, Chicago,IL 60625 usa


this is the 5th release in the "Fishtank" series from Konkurrent Onathankelijk Muziekbedrijf in Amsterdam. They allow touring bands into thier studio for 2 days to do about 30 mins worth of whatever they want.. so this collaboration isnt really something that was planned.. it just sorta happened..and what an intresting collaboration it is. Tortoise play really ambient jazz.. and The Ex are like out of a time warp and seem to be directly birthed from the 1980's ROUGH TRADE scene..the combonation makes for a few really awsome cuts the rely mostly on The Ex.. while the pieces that Tortoise leads the way into end up drifting into escapades of chaos and whitenoise ambience.. not too surpizing. This disc sounds exactly like you'd expect a collaboration of these to groups to sound.. is that good or bad?