TITLE / format : Repetitive Movement - CD
LABEL: Staalplatt/Solielmoon P.O. Box 83296 Portland, OR 97783

Ron K.

This one is a collaboration of sorts but it's also one of those rare occasions when a "remix" (or however you want to deem it) far surpasses the original. Sections of Wollscheid's deathly boring "moves" CD were taken to task by Tietchens, an underappreciated master of abstract sound. Like everything Mr. T touches, it stands a thousand steps removed from the (in this case useless) original. Alright, maybe I'm biased against Herr W. cause of those sickeningly pretentious liner notes on the Interference compilation, or because the two times I saw him perform he left me totally underwhelmed…oh, and that headachey collaboration he did with that Akita guy. But the point that matters is that everything Asmus Tiechens does is worth hearing. Enough said.