TITLE / format : She is Church / CD
LABEL: 1998, Win Records


This is a disc made up of 3 live recordings of this Southern California experimentalist.. CRIB IS Devin Sarno.. he plays the bass guitar.. or rather he plays the tones from a bass guitar.. CRIB is very much a drone project.. this disc of 5 tracks, plus remixes, will nearly put you into is very hard to tell the differenece in tracks, as they all really sound alike.. until the remixes of the track "Requiem".. (that are extra hidden tracks, 12 minutes into the silence at the end of the 5th cut) They are really different from the rest of the disc.. they are filled with beats and rhythms and other sampled noises. The Remixes are done by Tom Grimley and by Live & Direkt, and they are real gems at the end of a long medative path dont put this disc on to go to sleep to.. it WILL put you out.. but the stuff at the end, will wake you up just as quick..