TITLE / format : Ponga - CD
LABEL: LooseGroove Records


The promo notes I got for this said it was like Hawkwind meets Herbie Hancock's Headhunters....what they didnt mention was the splash of King Crimson..or the smidgen of (and obvious influence of) John Zorn. This disc is a "supergroup" (i hate that term) made up of Skerik (from Tuatara & Critters Buggin), Bobby Previte (who has worked with Zorn), Wayne Horvitz (from Zony Mash, and also has worked with Zorn), & Dave Palmer (from MC 900ft Jesus) was recorded live in 2 days in Seattle and some re-mixing was done, but no overdubs were added.. the result is very jazzy and hot and sticky rock mixed to a sweet ear of jazz fusion GET THIS.. if you like Phish.. you might dig this too..