TITLE / format : When You Wish Upon a Scar - CD
LABEL: Povertech Industries

Ron K

Here's something a little different- a reissue of impossible to hear mainly cassette recordings by a serious weirdo from the 80's. I've had a feeling that there's some great stuff to be heard from that "cassette culture" era (no, I wasn't cool enough to really be into that scene at the time.) Well here it is. Lunde was I suppose as much of a conceptualist as he was a "sound artist" (it's probably a mistake to even draw such a distinction here since the latter term is something that stated being used fairly recently) and some of the tracks do sound like an accompaniment a performance art piece that was probably pretty interesting to see, judging by the photos enclosed. Without going into all the ideas behind the works - the enclosed booklet goes into plenty of detail - I should just say that this CD is well worth hearing. Lunde was no doubt a singular individual committed to carrying out his ideas to the fullest extreme- and the raw, disturbing give evidence of that.. Another superior release from Povertech.