TITLE / format : Midnight In The Twilight Factory - CD
LABEL: Monotremata Records, 815-A Brazos St. #515, Austin,TX 78701 usa


well.. besides being part of the staff of this 'zine, MASON JONES is a damn fine guitar player. In his past "solo" effort TRANCE, Jones was focussed more on the heavy noise exploration..with this new release he drops the name of TRANCE and goes for some REALLY trance inducing sound layering.. Midnight in the Twilight Factory is a very relaxing release.. almost soothing to hear.. the guitar work that Jones does on this release reminds me of really minimal and ambient works by Robert Fripp..but with that same raw power delivery that i expect from Mason Jones. This disc contains 2 solo pieces recorded at home, and 2 live pieces..one with former SAS band member Jason Stein, and the other, a trio, with Bill Horist & Kevin Goldsmith. If you like good ambient music to zone out to, dont let this pass you by..