TITLE / format : "If You're Into It, I'm Out Of It" / CD
LABEL: 1997, Digital Hardcore Recordings


I stumbled across this CD someplace.. and it looked sorta intresting with it's black&white cover art photography..i had never heard of DeBabalon before this listen. The CD seemed to be a digital re-issue of a previously released work that was on vinyl, as the track listing on the back is set for sides A thru D, cutting the 11 tracks of sound from this German eletronics artist, into four distinct parts. Parts A & C are very ambient and filled with washy swirling flowing sounds that instantly reminded me of some stuff i had heard from Lustmord..dark and very meandering.. and then on the other parts, B & D, it is fast and furious breakbeats, techno punches that the DCH label is well known for, but not as ahrd as Atari Teenage Riot. The release is very listenable..and quite odd.. i personally like the flowy dark noises much better than the techno stuff.