TITLE / format : I Want To Tell You - CASSETTE
LABEL: Home Audience, 4519 Tobias Ave., Sherman Oaks, CA 91403


Rockin’ robotics. This is true electronica. That is, it sounds like the absolute sound of electricity, without being modulated or interfered with by instruments. I guess the key to noise like this is to at least create interesting noise, something which grabs and holds the attention. I Want to Tell You partially succeeds at this. It takes a while, but once this tape gets going, once it establishes a beat, it is quite listenable, in its own distorted way.
It starts out with a long, pulsing sine wave. Gradually other noises move in, the tempo picks up, and it seriously starts to rock. Distorted vocals mention something about children. Then it starts grinding out heavy doses of feedback and low toned static. And that’s just side one.
Side two continues with much of the same. At which point my interest was waning. Not that the tape didn’t continue to produce curious and rhythmic variations on the theme of static, but I guess I’m not not enough of a noise addict to take this much in a single dose.
If you’re a noise fan, you’ll probably find this tape worthwhile. If you, like myself, can only enjoy noise in mid-sized doses, you’ll find it an interesting curio. The rest of you... I’m sure you figured out by now what your interest level will be.