TITLE / format : Can't Get Through/Eyes - CD
LABEL: Second Battle

Ron K.

Loud, LOUD, endless, unsubtle acid-rock guitar solos accompanied by lyrics sung in broken English. Sound good to you? Well if it doesn't go back to listening to your damned techno doggerel. This here CD, a re-ish of two albums made in 1970-71 by a long-forgotten German band, will make you forget all about that drivel they call "classic rock". This is classic rock. . Not just because of the aforementioned guit solos, but also for the weird-ass twists and turns the songs take that confirm that some of the drugs that were taken in those days just don't exist anymore. And the lyrics…one couplet goes something like this: "I wanna see your twenty-seven fingers restored in my body/ You're my bourgeois [indecipherable]/ I wan ball you all night long!". Words cannot express how amazing this music is.

(Second Battle c/o Pandora's Box, Stubenrauchstr. 70, 12161 Berlin (Friedenau).
Available stateside from Forced Exposure-