TITLE / format : Direct, Incidental, Consequential - CD
LABEL: Intransitive: P.O. Box 12254, Gainsville, FL 32604

Ron K.

R.Chartier specializes in the kind of subtle, ow-frequency noisemaking meant to be listened to on headphones. If you're familiar with Berhard Gunter and the whole school of "sound as phenomenon" school you may know what I mean but if not let me put it to you this way: if you take pleasure in the fluctuating waves of TV or radio static or if you miss the test tones that the Emergency Broadcast System used to treat us to, you might dig this CD very much; but if you insist on screeching volume or some kind of tenable "context" then stay away. I happen to think it's great. On the new and very promising Intransitive label.