TITLE / format : Demon and Eleven Children - CD
LABEL: Columbia Japan

Ron K.

This is Japanese noise. Not in the sense of Merzzonabow, but, like, the real thing, man, early 70's hippies turning their amps up to 20 and doing their damnedest to make Sabbath and Deep Purple sound like wimps. There's even a hilarious ersatz "blues" number replete with harmonica that tries to capture that Mississippi feeling all the way from Tokyo. You've gotta hear it. If you'd give five years of your life to go back in time and have Blue Cheer pulverize your eardrums circa 1968, if the names High Rise and Mainliner mean anything to you, you have to get this! (No addreess for the label but just so you know, I ordered my copy from the very excellent Other Music Web site ( If you really love "noise" as much as you say you do, get this CD!!).