TITLE / format : Colori - CD
LABEL: some Italian label

Ron K.

Talk about disappointing. Bianchi (MB to all noiseheads in the know) created some amazing, brooding industrial sounds back in the days when "industrial" wasn't a dirty word. Then he totally disappeared from sight some 14 years ago. I've heard from some sources that he joined the Sunday Morning Destroyers (a.k.a. Jehovah's Witnesses) but judging by the sound of this atrocious CD he spent the time studying at the knees of Mannheim Steamroller. This is muzak, folks, New Age music, stuff that wouldn't sound out of place on The Wave (if you're not from L.A. and you don't know what I'm talking about then I envy you ). Look, I expected that I wouldn't hear the same kind of stuff he was doing 14 years ago, that it would be something more low-key. But not this colorless (talk about an inappropriate title!) saccharine tripe, no way.