TITLE / format : Wave Train - CD
LABEL: Plana B

Ron K.

Behrman is one of the many unsung pioneers from the early days of electronic music who seems to be pretty much unknown while people keep paying lip service to supposed "geniuses" like John "Mushroom Expert" Cage and Stockhausen the Modest One. . Well Behrman kept a much lower profile and only has some really innovative music to show for it. The first two tracks aren't really too exciting, unless you love experimental "classical" music, but after that things start getting really interesting. The high point are the title track, which uses feedback resonance from a piano (this was recorded over 30 years ago, mind you) and the brilliant "Run Through", which features some monstrous sounds made by hand-built synthesizers (displayed on the cover photo- I want one of those!). This is damn good stuff that has definitely stood the test of time. So don't pay 100- plus bucks to buy reissues of those over-praised "masterpieces" by that German whatshisname. Get this instead- you won't be sorry.

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