TITLE / format : Split - CD
LABEL: Pinch-a-Loaf

Ron K.

Finally, the long anticipated (by me, anyway) split release by two well respected local So. Cal. noise mavens. Sadly, Bastard Noise don't do their "teach your parrot how to talk" piece but nevertheless turn in some pretty engaging, carefully-arranged noise tracks that make good use of both low-end rumble and high-end screeching, often at the same time. But I have to wonder about that supposed David Bowie cover with the grindcore vocals… As for Spastic Colon, …they're the kings f Noise as Mood Music. They do two long tracks that toss around and spew out unrecognizable samples into a droning stew of muck. Fantastic stuff. And I should mention that the CD has loud as hell, superior sound quality throughout and imaginative packaging, things to expect from Pinch-a-Loaf, a label whose name I happen to like a lot!