ARTIST: Delphium
TITLE / format : How Can You Hide From What Never Goes Away? - CD
LABEL: Outsider Records, 10 Yarborough Road, Lincoln, Lincs. LN1 1HS - UK

John Eden

Impressively laid-back, but still intense full-lengther recorded 1993-1997. Delphium have got the same kit as a lot of other people, but use it in refreshingly unclichéd ways. So you get gently pulsing synths that manage not to be "techno", some really good breakbeat loops with some eerily discordant strings behind them, and some quality drones. Hell, there are even some noised-up guitars on here that have NOTHING to do with rock and roll! It's the use of restraint, repetition and the duration of the tracks that really suck you in. Delphium flit about a bit - you can hear the echoes of everything from trip hop, to reggae, to post-rock, to some kind of strange Martian symphony orchestra in there. In the space of one track you can be lulled into a nice dream-like state and then woken up by a cacophonous racket. One to watch.