TITLE / format : The Collected Works of Od McUb;Sound Effect Library v.6 - CD
LABEL: Vinyl Communications


This bay area collective are amazing. This time BCO headmaster DAS heads out to create a verbal, as well as audio, piece of disturbing music. Od McUb, we are told was an artist in the early 1900's who made a hobby of creating "cut-ups" of books. This release is made up of guest individuals reading the cut-up works of McUb over the sounds created by BCO. Guests reading include Legendary Pink Dot members Edward Ka-Spel and Silverman, as well as Monte Cazaza, A.M.K., Mr. Hate and others. Also joining in the BCO ensamble is Crash Worship founding member, Markus Wolff. I think this CD is a little long.. and kinda hard to swallow all in one sitting.. it reminded me at first of something that Bongwater would do.. and later it reminded me of the legendary 1980's record from Crispin Glover, really wierd and disturbingly hard to listen to.. a great release that will go un-noticed.