TITLE / format : Diluvium - CD
LABEL: Little Wing : Weinthal 1, 84556, Kasil Germany

Ron K.

What do you get when three German teenagers decide to pick up instruments, start a band and release an album? Well since we're talking about 1973 here, it doesn't sound like a kraut Hanson. These guys channeled their teenage angst toward the end of concocting an ultra raw-nerved take on the "progressive" sounds of the day, resembling something like a cross between King Crimson and the Seeds. Bass guitar is eschewed for electric organ to accompany long guitar and drums solos but believe it or not it sounds nothing like arena rock and for my money these guys had a firmer grasp on how to stretch out their primitive musical ability than any "punk" band I've heard in recent years. I can't imagine any typical band featured in Flipside being able to pull off a twenty-plus minute song and make it sound half as cool as there guys do. And you've got to love those world-weary lyrics. I'd like to hear Hanson sing lines like "All things are fading/and never beginning again.." Where are they now?!