TITLE / format : s/t / 7"
LABEL: Burping Turds Musick/Po Box 282/Lancaster, NH 03584 usa


This 4 track 7"ep was alot of fun..it is pressed on really nice, very brittle & fragile, Clear Vinyl.. meaning that you can see clearly thru the inner grooves.. it is also limted to only 50 copies that were pressed, only 40 of which actually went out into distrobution..(mine is #10!), and also the sleeves were hand designed to give it that extra push of unique-ness. yeah yeah, the package is nice..but what about the sounds?? the 1st track was very minimal..sounds like LP surface noise mixed with the amplified twanging of some really thick metal springs...the 2nd is a little more creepy.. with some great loop sounds that seem to be turntable based, and some distorted vocals dropped in sorta randomly, saying very surreal comments like "..it's getting real again..".. really nice.. very dark and dream infectous.. at least they are living up to thier name. The B-side starts with a guy talking about not being able to dream for the "last fucking year" and then proceeds into some percussive rhythms played on some sort of metal.. thru delay and reverb to make it sound like a great giant bell of some sort.. the track is very well crafted and gave me the feel of some early works from Hafler Trio.. up until a point near it's end where it becomes filled with bass tones and fuzz and stays creepy in a chaotic way.. but not so trance inducing as when it started...i think this was supposed to be 2 tracks, but i couldnt hear where they seperated at all..