TITLE / format : KNORMALITIES - 7"
LABEL: Dephine Knormal Musik, 1557 Pete Court, Manteca,CA 95337-9479 USA


This is an intresting compilation of really "rock n roll" influenced noise and punk music. First cut is from Vacuum Tree Head from San Jose,CA and is a noisey off balance version of Black Sabbath's Electric Funeral..but not quite.. lots of horns and wierd percussion give this cut some great moments. Next cut is from the Flying Luttenbachers from Chicago. Thier cut is done with mostly traditional string instruments (cello,violin,ect) but used to create gritty chaos with no real composition to it. Next up, my favorite on this record is Mono Pause with a quirky odd sound that combines tribal percussion like early Swans with something that reminds me of The Residents..Brief Lallation is a great tune. On the second side of this record we find a visit from Japan's Melt-Banana doing what they do well, fast grind punk with someone sreaming in Japanese over it. followed by The Molecules with a song called Blah, which fits it perfectly, it almost blended into the Melt-Banana track..next up is bay area percussive composer Moe! Staiano with a great track called Chased by Bats in Vats, that climbs and falls, and travels one thru a very well executed composition for metal drums and bottles and things..this is an awsome example of what Moe! does. The last cut also comes from Japan.. The Ruins take a moment to run thru at least 15 different traditional rock anthems from Aerosmith to Led Zeppelin to In a Gadda Da Vida.. all in under 2 minutes.. it rules pretty hard dude.. All in all a really fun 15 minutes of music, pressed in a limted edition of only 1000 hand numbered copies.. i can see it getting hard to find this one later on..