EVENT: - Sound Unwound Festival 1998 / Day 2
- Scot Jenerik, Jenerik/Dimuzio collaboration, Thomas Dimuzio, & F-Space

: December 5th, 1998
venue: The Lab, San Francisco, CA

reviewer: Kenny

(The Sound Unwound "experimental sound, noise, and music series" ran 6 nights
over 2 weekends. Of course, as luck would have it, I caught the flu and was only able
to attend 1 night.)

The problem with noise shows is that there's not much to see. Unless you see Scot Jenerik.
Scott used an instrument made from a metal pipe with piano wire and springs attached to it.

This device is then strummed, dragged, dropped, and drummed on.
Then, run the thing through a processor and bam. Imagine a NASA probe landing on Mars.
He's also a firebug. If you get a chance to see the man in action, go. He's a very visual artist.
Locate the emergency exits and enjoy a damn fine performance. As Scott ended his solo set,
he was joined by Thomas Dimuzio on keyboards.
The pair played for awhile but mostly nothing interesting was produced. By the time the two
came together, it was over. Scott was done and Dimuzio was off on his own.

Thomas Dimuzio was described in the program as a "composer and multi-instrumentalist".
Multi-instrumentalist? This was the first time I've seen Dimuzio in action. And I'm using that
term loosely. Let's face it, watching someone playing a keyboard, turning knobs while hitting
various floor pedals just doesn't command attention the way light show does. His music
had a soundtrack feel about. The kind that makes you think if you had a visual to go along with it,
you'd get more out of it.

F-Space rounded out the evening sounding pretty much like Savage Republic. Now, don't get me
wrong, I like Savage Republic. And F-Space is Ethan Port (Savage Republic/Death Ride 69) and
Scot Jenerik. Perhaps this show should have been billed as the Scot Jenerik & Friends Show, but
who am I to judge. You've got Port on guitar, Jenerik being Jenerik. Big oil cans and large sheets of
metal beat on by both performers. Fire. Not bad but not great either.