DATE: 2000
VENUE: DiPiazza's, Long Beach,CA


Ever seen Banyan? The beautiful array of airy jazz like the kind you hear in your head, a muted trumpet, shimmering guitar notes, the washing over of crash cymbals... They have their heavy side, too,after all, this is Watt,
Perkins, Cline and friends working it out...
I caught them at DiPiazza's in Long Beach...Worm Union opened up, not too bad, neo-primitivism garbs and mellow volume, heavy emotion and everyone in the band knows how to handle drumming a bongo. (Ok, they weren't bongos
exactly but I'm at a loss for what they are exactly.) The audience in attendance seemed to waive in favor of Banyan so the vibe wasn't quite there for them, sadly, they'd go well with Amber Asylum rather well...Not to say I don't like mixed bills but nevertheless, the atmosphere didn't seem to fit, but it's always good to get the ears of those who don't hear anything of
that timbre so some sort of success should yield from it, hope so, anyway...
Now, the price to get in was $15.00...Ok, it's the back beat for Jane's Addiction, the thud master who gave the Minutemen and Firehose a bottom end to shake your ass to and an ever awesome axe-wielder who hammered out "Interstellar Space" to such a high volume and intensity , even the original composer, John Coltrane couldn't have ignored it's genuine and passionate
interpretation...But let's see what happens when they go head to head... I forgot the rest of the personnel's names, my bad, sorry guys... So to the man on trumpet and the man on the canvas, my apologies...Now, onto the show...
So it started off mellow, getting the feel for where everyone was, then it slowly picked up momentum, bar after bar... The painting started the same way, just getting a feel for the material in front of him...It began to escalate as the pieces went from mellow funk grooves and into hard driving riffs that sounded as rough as any Stooges track I've ever heard to the
most mellow and floating spaced out psychedelia passages... the 15 dollars was worth every penny, hands down...
Stephen Perkins informed the audience that they'd be back next month minus Watt... Kinda antsy about how that's gonna go over, I'll probably go back even in Watt's absence, after all, I think somebody forgot Banyan was Stephen's idea anyway... So
hats off to the whole lot of the line-up for putting on a show you don't see too often anymore