DATE: March 5, 2005
VENUE: Marlin's, Huntington Beach,CA

Scott Heustis

Subtitle: Adventure behind the Orange Curtain.
Gig last night at Marlin's in HB. Rated four stars. For action, adventure, mystery, crime and drama. Not to mention some blazing live music. Gizmo and The Sherpas shared the stage for a couple of incendiary performances. In attendance: Big Jim Cline, Sean Campeau, Luba Heustis (my wife), Mark Heustis (my brother), Jack Brewer-briefly (see below) and a host of locals. I showed up around 8:15PM. I had the impression we were to start at 9:00 and then the Sherpas. But I was told by David on arrival that The Sherpas were opening and we were second. 8:45 came and went and the Sherpas hadn't shown up. So Gizmo set up minus Eduardo....he was late. Just before starting to play Vince walked in. He thought The Sherpas were second. I blame this little confusion on David. He has a big communication problem. Just look at the site he maintains for Gizmo on MySpace. Gobbledy-gook deluxe. So we played a short set. Gave the stage to the Sherpas, and planned on playing a second set after them. First speed bump. No sound man. Vince is setting up and he asks me, "Who's the soundman?" I asked the doorman (more about him later.) He says, "There isn't one. The bands do it themselves." What??? Gizmo played, but we don't need any mics or a PA. No vocals, no horns.....But the Sherpas! So I start trying to get something together. Marlin's does have a PA system, with speakers and monitors, but I can't find any mics. Asked the doorman, the barmaid, owner isn't here...no mics. Vince is flipping. Giving me dirty looks. I see Sean and start asking him for some help. He pitches in like a champ. Vince finally found the mics in a sealed tupperware container somewhere. After me and Sean fiddle around for awhile....we finally get some sounds happening and The Sherpas are off and running. They sound they're usual, amazing funky soul jazz. Next plot twist. Jack Brewer shows up during The Sherpas set. He's looking happy. Dancing around. Got his imitation leather jacket on. Talking to people. All of a sudden he's being bounced by the doorman! And arguments still happening between him outside and the doorman inside. I walk over. Seems the doorman saw Jack pull a bottle of something out of his jacket. Like he brought in his own booze instead of buying from Marlin's. Jack denies it and is livid. The doorman won't let him back in and Jack won't go away. Somebody calls the cops. I don't know if Jack got arrested or not . Then Gizmo played their second set. Pulled out all the stops. I mean what else can you do when you're following the Sherpas? The owner Diane showed up. She was gracious and quite foxy too. Young for a club owner. We got paid. The Sherpas got paid. Vince apologized to me for being so pissed off. A happy ending for all, except for Jack Brewer. Hope he's ok.