EVENT: Tchkung!, F-Space, Ultra Gypsy Belly Dancing, & The Moth Hour

DATE: December 12, 1998
VENUE: Vulcan Studios, Oakland, CA


I got there just in time to miss The Moth Hour. Sorry.
Ultra Gypsy is a belly dancing troop. Can you guess what they do? I knew you could. These women are good. Nice way to entertain ppl between different acts. If you run/book at a venue, I highly recommend getting them. I failed to get a contact name and number. My bad.
F-Space took forever to set up and then nothing worked. Scot (Jenerik) had a new toy that just shot fireballs but was intended to do a lot more. After what seemed like an eternity, Jenerik and Ethan Port gave up and just shot fireballs at the crowd per request. Jenerik was visibly and audibly disappointed.
Tchkung made me believe in live performance again. Wrick Tahoma is does most of the vocals. A man with a voice like a gun to the back of your head. You might not want to listen, but you will listen. Devon has a much more angelic voice and plays a violin that she must have won in a contest with a boy named Johnny. Lots of percussion. Bass, samples, and various wind instruments. I won't go into the whole line up here. . This is not just some Crash Worship wannabes. This band thinks. Lyrics are social/policital. Sound is in the tribal/Mid Eastern/trance/industural vein. They're not even just a band. It's a collective. There are various ritualistic performances during the show. Cash money (mostly small bills) was burned after a persession was lead through the audience led by a man in a business suit carrying a large burning dollar sign on top of a rod. Ironically, they had trouble making change when selling their t-shirts and cd's later. Even after the show ended, a small group migrated across the street and continued the drumming and fire twirling till around 3am. Loads of fun. Go see them live before the government won't let you.