DATE: Janurary 4th, 1999
VENUE: Koo's Arts Cafe, Santa Ana, CA


Monday, January 4th, 1999 Eye went to Koo's Art Cafe.
My Horoscope had said, "A favor you sensed was on the way comes, and right on time." When Eye arrived, there wuz thee sound of groovy spinning in thee air. Eye ran into sum friends, they said they had "just came to see what's going on..." Uh-huh, sure ewe did.
Eye stared at thee cool pieces ov art on thee walls. Inside thee performance room, really thee living room ov thee ex-residential house that Koo's occupies, thee spinning wuz two loud for my old earz, butt out on thee porch it wuz just right. It wuz Steve Shin slapping thee turntables when Eye arrived. Eye missed the licks ov John Vu cuz Eye yam so dam slow. Then wuz the incredible sound ov Allegedly Blue, witch had me mesmerized! Alex and John cornered me and announced that Alex wood bee thee ventrilloquist and John wood bee thee dummy. Those guys are wierd.
Next wuz thee smooth as spinning of Andrew Gura ov designinmotion.com. Later sumone said that "Ernie was bustin thee house." There wuz great Beats that made thee girls dance rolling out thee door...

...It wuz Membraneous ov KUCI and NightNoise. He did this long mostly drum thing. Very tribal. Eye heard that Derrek Hall spun too, but Eye wuz chatting with sum cute girlz, sew Eye didn't really pay attention.
Alex Xenophobe ov Bassland started too set up his apparatus while Eye shot sum breeze with thee kidz from Allegedly Blue. Eye asked about they're first song "Poem." Chris and April said that their tunes were all about evolution. They were making a sound that wuz relaxed and wouldn't want to hit you hard. April said, "...totally! The emotion is what we are trying to get across..."
Thee show is "Beat Generation" on Koo's "Trip Hop Night," butt what Eye came to hear wuz Alex's show! Eye wuz sitting in a chair in the middle ov thee main room when Alex's pile ov tubes and wires started to "cuckoo" softly as other drums and samples slid in and out ov his mix.


thee sound became compellingly rythmic and packed thee room with gyrating bodies. Eye went outside and saw that everybody, even thee hangers in thee Driveway were dancing their pants off. Pants flying everywhere! Inside April and John were trading thee mike for stutter lyrics. All in all, it wuz way two cool. Ewe totally missed out! --