DATE: Janurary 17, 1999
VENUE: Sacred Grounds, San Pedro, CA


My partner Jay Truesdale (Ecomcon), and i arrived at the show early.. we got great seats right up in front of the stage area in big cushy comfy chairs...Jay mentioned that these were great seats.. and that the venue had nice speakers (big JBL's on the PA) Finally the show started.. there was no dimming the lights, only the house music was cut off and PRIMAL RIVIERA began thier set.. PRIMAL RIVIERA is a 2 piece unit consisting of Lisa, playing synths and knob twisting, and Bill playing Cello with effects on it.. their set started with Bill doing this growling thudding like meandering with his cello..while Lisa added space like inertia and swirly effects from her KORG.. thier second piece was more of the same but with alot of plucking on ther Cello strings and odd percussive time signatures with the sound droppings.. thier show was about 30 mins long.. it was very errie in it's texture.. sorta like LUSTMORD with strings.. thier set very much came off as a recital more than a show..i paticularly liked the Cello making sounds very close to a digereedoo.. there was a photographer from the L.A. Times in the room shooting photos of Primal Riviera, and he felt it necessary to ask Bill how to spell his last name IN THE MIDDLE OF THIER SET.. very uncool.. who trains these people for the newpapers? From what i can gather this was Primal Riviera's debut performance in this incarnation. Next came SOLID EYE.. a Los Angeles based experimental ensamble that i have heard tons about but never got to witness.. i was not let down.. the trio that makes up SOLID EYE are brilliant in their efforts are audio collage artists.. their are inresting characters.. RICK POTTS looks like a cross between Stephen King and the guitar player for PHISH, and is fun to watch tweak thru a set playing with toys, a saw blade, a beautiful Fender guitar..and a special guitar witha bendable neck and a shoe mount.. JOSEPH HAMMER looks like GEEZER BUTLER from Black Sabbath...kneeling on the floor fiddling with cd's and making live samples with an OLD beautifully cased reel to reel machine.. while behind them, playing 2 keyboards.. the calm smug surfer called STEVE THOMSEN add tones and samples of his own.. added for this night on the soundboard..mixing thier levels into the PA was help from thier friend DON BOLLES. This show was supurb..SOLID EYE played for nearly an hour.. throwing out layer upon layer of sound and noise.. combining wierd and funny sounds with odd voices and low end drones.. making nearly an "audio cartoon" twisted and silly noise inspired by Spike Jones or Raymond Scott but put thru the John Cage or Steven Stapleton school of how to do it.. i would recommend SOLID EYE to any noise or experimental music fan.. i will definatly go seem them again.